Claire Cerda
Product Owner & Strategist


A little bit about me and my life outside of work


Hi there!

I'm originally from Miami, Florida and moved up to Boston about eight years ago. Before you ask - yes, I miss the sunshine, speaking Spanish wherever I go, and Cuban food! I studied sociology and anthropology at Wellesley College. I also learned a lot about how I can apply sociology and anthropology to building meaningful technical solutions. As a social scientist, I challenge assumptions, approach human behaviors with empathy and curiosity, untangle cultural complexities, and collect data to develop insights about the world around me. Since graduating, I've been constantly pursuing interesting problems to work on and surrounding myself with really talented people to work on them with. Along the way, I've also worked at my college radio station as a DJ, served as captain of my varsity soccer team as a goalkeeper, collected hundreds of vinyl records, and coached a bunch of young female soccer players in my town. I spend my time wandering in and out of wine stores asking about what I should try next and what the owners are excited about. I've also taught myself how to make linocut prints and take decent photographs.

Snapshots of my life