Claire Cerda
Product Owner & Strategist

Claire Cerda

Product Manager, COIN at John Hancock

Cultural anthropologist, INFJ, soccer goalkeeper, and linocut printmaker.

Featured projects

I’ve worked on multilayered design challenges where I've cultivated a deep understanding of users, uncovered insights to drive physical and digital product development, and integrated business strategy into solutions that create real impact.

Process and skill-set

I’ve led multiple teams through the product development process: ideation, gathering design requirements, visual design, writing code, and launch.

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Lean product development

For all the digital products I've worked on, I've defined MVP with the team and key stakeholders, prioritized speed to market by reducing scope, and let user data drive feature decisions. I've built outcome-based product roadmaps that align the vision and strategy of my stakeholders to the short, medium, and long-term priorities of the team.


Concept development and brainstorming facilitation

I've led innovation workshops that break down concepts integral to the design thinking methodology and taught teams at startups and large companies how to scale their ideas through collaborative activities.


Qualitative research methods

I've designed and led multiple qualitative research projects in various points of the product development process - uncovering foundational research questions, gathering design requirements, identifying behaviors and motivations of target consumers, and refining design decisions through usability testing.

Let's get in touch

If you have any questions about the projects I've worked on or my experience, please send me an email.