Claire Cerda
Senior Product Manager

Pivoted to digital-only strategy

Society of Grownups

October 2016 to December 2017

Problem statement

How might we re-design to support the company's pivot away from a physical storefront experience to a digital-only strategy? What are the design requirements for the experience? How do we phase our product development to support learning and growth towards our goals?

Project description

In October 2016, Society of Grownups and MassMutual closed the physical storefront for the company at 1653 Beacon Street in Brookline, MA. At the storefront, Society of Grownups held classes, supper clubs, and 1:1 financial appointments with Certified Financial Planners. It was a place where folks could come in and learn about all things adulting - everything from negotiating a salary to saving for retirement. Each engagement with a Grownup emphasized education in service of action. We weren't in the business of educating for the sake of educating. We wanted to help people take action towards their goals.

While the physical storefront was open, was a portal where users could book appointments and check the calendar for upcoming classes. It was not the main source of education or inspiration for action steps. When the storefront closed, the challenge was to gather the elements of the physical space that resonated best among our users and translate those elements into requirements for designing and pivoting the website experience.

Project artifacts and process

For legal reasons, I cannot post many artifacts about my process. However, if you're interested, I can share related documents in a more confidential setting. Just send me a note.

Project involvement

I led the ideation process for the new iteration of the website. I worked with my cross-functional team to produce necessary artifacts and points of view that allowed us to develop a new homepage, course detail page, content hub, and calculator page. I worked with the developers to organize stand-ups, groom the backlog, and prioritize efforts. I also taught myself digital analytics to measure user behavior on the site and supported efforts to identify KPIs for the digital tools.


I worked with an amazing team of researchers, curriculum strategists, content strategists, Certified Financial Planners, designers, developers, and QAs. Extremely hard working and passionate people.


Check out to see some of the changes I led with my team.


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