Claire Cerda
Senior Product Manager

Developed concept for Society of Grownups mobile education app

Society of Grownups

July 2015 to October 2016

Problem statement

How might we extend the Society of Grownups educational experience beyond the brick and mortar location?

Project description

At the storefront in Brookline, MA, Society of Grownups held classes, supper clubs, and 1:1 financial appointments with Certified Financial Planners. It was a place where folks could come in and learn about all things adulting - everything from negotiating a salary to saving for retirement. Each engagement with a Grownup emphasized education in service of action. We weren't in the business of educating for the sake of educating. We wanted to help people take action towards their goals.

Maintaining a brick and mortar storefront was expensive. We were exploring 22 different concepts for ways to grow our business - physically and digitally. One of those 22 initiatives we were testing was called "Grownup Certifications," which was essentially a bootcamp where users could watch a series of online courses and complete a few activities and earn a "badge" for completion. This concept for a bootcamp evolved into an interactive mobile education app where users could swipe, tap, and slide their way through bite-sized lessons. Each of the lessons would collect information about you and use that information to help demonstrate certain personal finance concepts. The concept for the new Society of Grownups mobile experience became a core element of the digital strategy in 2016. 

Project artifacts and process

For legal reasons, I cannot post many artifacts about my process. However, if you're interested, I can share related documents in a more confidential setting. Just send me a note.

Project involvement

I led the research on this project, conducted all of the interviews, designed and re-designed the protocol, recruited research participants, synthesized and analyzed data, outlined the design requirements, designed the user interfaces for the devices, and presented findings to stakeholders. I also led the concept development for the new mobile app along with a curriculum strategist and a visual designer. We pitched the concept to Society of Grownups and MassMutual leadership teams. 


Throughout this project, I worked with a small core team of a curriculum strategist and a visual designer. Once the project became part of the DNA of the company's digital strategy, we began working with more designers, marketers, product managers, developers, and QA to prototype and scale the concept.


Society of Grownups' Mobile education app was de-prioritized in October 2016.


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