Claire Cerda
Senior Product Manager

Programmed and designed a sports photography website

Wellesley College Sports Photography

August 2013 to December 2013

Problem statement

Worked with a client, Lauren Ferrett, Director of Sports Information and Communications at Wellesley College, to develop a website for sports photography of student athletes on campus.

Project description

My project partner and I interviewed our client to understand her needs, and things she wanted implemented on the website.

We used wireframes and sketches to design the layout for the different pages for the website based on the requirements from our client. In addition, we planned out the overall design, page layout, color scheme, home page display, links on the page, and navigational structure. I'm most proud of the photo gallery page, which displays individual images in a Pinterest-style grid pattern.

Once we completed the development phase, we conducted user testing to get feedback about the usability and overall design of the website. We wanted to ask our client for feedback, in addition to other people of her similar position who could be potential users of the site. We asked assistant coaches and parents to complete the form, in addition to some teammates and friends.


  • Develop a list of requirements for design that includes stakeholder feedback
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery
  • Usability testing

Skills required

  • Working with a client
  • Gathering requirements for design
  • Visual design
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Tools used

  • Sublime Text 2
  • Website hosting service
  • Various plugins and APIs
  • Pencil & paper

Project involvement

I contributed to the design and development of the website, in addition to conducting the interview with the client. I led the usability testing interviews and methodology design.


My partner on this project was Alex Berman '16.


A personalized website developed for Wellesley College Sports Photography. Hasn't been published online yet.


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