Claire Cerda
Senior Product Manager

Built a Python Tic-Tac-Toe game

Wellesley College Computer Science

November 2014 to December 2014

Problem statement

Develop a Python GUI that's intuitive, interactive, and fun!

Project description

I worked with a partner to develop an interactive Python GUI. In the game, the user can play tic-tac-toe against the computer. The GUI also allows for the user to start a new game, and quit the game. Although the game of tic-tac-toe is relatively simple, my partner and I wanted to make it play "intelligently" and therefore, the computer wasn't just playing in a random square. Rather, it was calculating at all times where the best next move would be, and playing there.


  • Develop a list of requirements for design that includes stakeholder feedback
  • Paired programming
  • Secondary research
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery
  • Usability testing

Skills required

  • Working with a client
  • Gathering requirements for design
  • Visual design
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery
  • Paired programming

Tools used

  • Canopy (where we coded the Python script)
  • Pencil & paper
  • Adobe Photoshop

Project artifacts and process

Project involvement

I designed and developed the front end of the GUI.


I worked with a partner from my class on this project.

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A tic-tac-toe game, and demo presentation to my classmates.

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